JANUARY 2017 - 

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I was diagnosed as schizophrenic when I was 20ish due to early childhood trauma and the ensuing hiccups that followed suit lead me to lead a very weird life. However, the psychiatrist who dealt with my case way back in 1985, had this to write to me when I spoke with him about the possibility of my having been misdiagnosed in 1985...

You can have a "revaluation" any time. It is not a formal thing. You are not "a schizophrenic" .. you are Raine who was diagnosed with what we call schizophrenia at a stage of your life. Sometimes schizophrenia runs an inexorable tragic deteriorating course with little response to treatment and no return to functionality. But in other people it is episodic or even temporary. Frequently the picture varies and a person may be called schizophrenic in one episode, perhaps bipolar in another, perhaps depressed in another. Also diagnostic practices change over time. For example, people who would have been called schizophrenia 20 years ago are often called bipolar affective disorder or schizoaffective disorder now. And there is no reason to believe that the present diagnoses are the final story and there will never be more changes.
So you are Raine who was diagnosed (at that time) with schizophrenia, according to our understanding of things at that time. But as I remember you were never absolutely typical, you were much more in touch with reality most of the time, a pleasant personality and good fun. But there was a good chance that you would lose some of that as the "disorder" progressed with time.
Apparently you have done extraordinarily well and made a life for yourself, not just an object to be controlled by psychiatrists.
So, at an "evaluation" someone might find that you no longer have any features of schizophrenia, or that what you have is not very important or could be made even better with improved medication, etc. They could debate the original diagnosis but they weren't there at the time and it wouldn't change anything, anyway. And don't forget that theoretically you could have another evaluation in a few years' time in which the same situation would arise again.
My advice: if you are not certain of how well you are, discuss it with a good psychiatrists and play it from there. Otherwise get on with your life the way it is and remember you are Raine and not a diagnostic label.
I will be on 702 Thursday evening at 7.00. If I get a chance I will bring up this issue.

So I am what I am - there's no changing the past. And there's no becoming "normal" again. Anyway, I have come to terms with nearly very much all in my life and am glad to have finally met the man who belongs in my forever.

Finding myself now ten years down the line since I actively started doing art again (the old fashioned way), I am astounded at the progress that technology has made toward making the Artists' lives easier.

I'm only in my third month of having the app, and I'm totally hooked!  Creating this website is taking a lot of energy I could be employing in the far reaches of the imagination on my tablet with Art Rage!

UPDATE  :  22 JUNE 2018
Wow!  My WWWWorld has gained momentum!  It's so amazing to be alive at this moment!  I dunno if you keep up with me, or if you've just found me, but know that it's true to stay focused on one's dreams, no matter what, and keep a good routine and be good and don't take nonsense from AnyOne, and ACCEPT the gift of Eternal Life and LIVE IT!  And of course, give it to all whom you can!  It's a SUPER AWESOME PLACE TO BE, f'sure!  
Yes, we all have our ups and downs, and mine are evident, should one look back through my 12/4 years on the internet...  But I JUST DIDN'T GIVE UP!  
So, stay Awesome & Keep Making Good Memories!