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Posted by pierreandraine on January 31, 2019 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (0)

31st January 2019  Well, here I am in my very own office, at the back of my favourite and only haunt - RA's SPORTSBAR & RESTAURANT down the road from where I used to live with my Hubby.  We have agreed amicabily to a divorce, and that should be finalized by the end of February!  

I've lost a load of weight from being free to walk to the office from where I'm staying with the Owners of the bar.  I have my own bed, all amenities and use of the pool, jacuzzi and THERE BE ANIMALS!  Lovely pets!  It's incredible how my life has taken a turn and I'm not looking back with any regrets or wondering if I could have done this or that!

So, yes, a nu life for me, kinda thing xxx

Thanks for popping around xxx


Posted by pierreandraine on March 20, 2017 at 8:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Here's something for the kids. Gees, they're growing up so fast! They'll probably have a good larf at my silliness in art!

But, here's the artwork and the story behind it. It's much in need of a couple of opinions before I release the wording below, so please, put in your input so that I may publish it WorldWide! Thanks for your time and patience with me.

You must send it to them with Love


And it is about the Mom's and Aunts on this World who have to look after the 'little Ones', and the Moms and Aunts are promted by the Older and Wiser (because they can see what Moms and Aunts haven't learned yet) on how to deal with the Kids who won't listen. And - yes, sometimes, the Moms and Aunts shout and scream because the Kids won't listen, but that's because the Kids don't know about how dangerous it is out there in the BIGGER World, where everything looks so wonderful and friendly and inviting, but really, with just a 'whoops', that friendly-looking Dragon can turn on you, or if it really IS a friendly Dragon, it may just accidently swipe you off the face of the earth with a swish of it's tail, not having seen or heard you, because you are so small and you are not always heard! OR - it may have just been HUNGRY!

So, listen to your Oumas and Oupas, your Moms and Dads, your Aunts and Uncles!

They are always trying to prevent accidents from happening to you!

You are precious and need to be obedient!

We are Family! A Bigger Family than you can ever imagine!

There's no second chances if something like that Friendly Looking Dragon wipes you out - intentionally or unintentionally!

There's a lot still to learn in life!

Look after yourselves, your Family and Your Friends and Neighbours.

Look at me - I'm still learning every day and I need protection and care and to be obedient still at my age which is 54 years old or I wouldn't be here, sharing my talents!

Love, Raine Carosin"



Posted by pierreandraine on March 14, 2017 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Blogging rhymes with 'jogging' and those are two things I don't have the passion for, although I love to 'write' and explore all avenues of communication when I have the time.

Time is my biggest constraint, and I'm not faithful to write regularly, so basically, I'm no good at it.  I have to be spontaneous in my burst of creativity.

But, if you wanna catch up with me, write anytime!

Also, you can see what keeps me busy by having a look here.

And you're more than welcome to do a Google search of my name.  I'm the only combination of 'raine' and 'carosin' in the World - at this moment, although time is always changing the shorelines!

I have poetry, more art, writings, songs, videos, etc., on the WWW.

Keeps me busy and out of mischief!

Stay Awesome, and Continue Making Good Memories!

Warmest wishes