JANUARY 2017 - 

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My Art Rage Works, so far...


vie Rose

man at the bar


Sea Thing

She is




waiting for a train

...And this one I did after I had purchased the full ART RAGE studio!  I called this one 'sister'.

It's just so awesome, I can't tell you, though I'll try:

I don't have messy paintbrushes, worktop, clothing and hands (sometimes face!) to clean up after!


Mistakes are easily erasable and don't damage the surface of the 'canvas'!

Wow, you just can't go wrong with this!

And, if anyone wants to purchase a print, then, awesome!  There are many ways to 'skin that cat'!

I have a 'shop' at zazzle.com where you are more than welcome to browse my store and see the prints, among other goods, that are available for purchase with shipping anywhere in the World!

Yes, I'm excited and totally thrilled!  It's like I've woken up in a new World!  Awesome!

fishy feely

big, little big world within

This is a blank 'canvas' that I used the tube paint to create my flowery design...

and the .jpg below is after I had taken the palette knife to the paint...

I then did a quick back-ground to the design and that's the result, which I shall be able to use at zazzle.com to create designs on materials, ceramics and other consumer goods for sale there!

Click HERE to see the virtual material which you can buy for real at zazzle.com

My latest 'painting' using my Art Rage app on my Samsung Tab E
Just so glad to wake up today and realise it wasn't all a practical joke for April Fool's Day!
I'm so happy, because now this paranoid schizophrenic can have all my Friends around (who've been smoking for years and years! and haven't made the bad news!) and not get all terrified that an Authority will come around and freak me out further!
I don't smoke it, and haven't been tempted to, even though it's now legal, but, I sure would like to try out the Cannabis Oil for health reasons! You don't get high with the oils, because the THC or whatever it's called isn't present!
So, here's to a healthy nation, granted by the one some despise so much, because he had to sign it off, but, some one had to do it!
And I'm glad it's done!
Awesome - now all those who have done clandestine things to get some weed, for whatever reason - be it health or entertainment, well, now THE WEED IS FREED!
If you're hunting for seeds, just buy some Parrot food - there's tonnes of cannabis seeds in the packets! I used to toss my Parrot's left overs into the garden, and whoopee, one took seed and before I knew it, the garden service had tended to it and it grew proudly until my paranoia couldn't take it anymore and I reluctantly had it removed! Gees, grows fast, I tell you!
In my life I've managed to sit under two formidably huge towering dagga trees! Wow!
I'm now in a movement to think positively for the Amazon forest revival to plant some marijuana seeds for us to replenish our oxygen supplies - I mean, who in their right mind is going to go chopping down the beautiful trees, which they are! Just like any other trees!
And they're fantastic for other reasons, where one does chop and so on: clothing, ropes, etc.
Wonderful for those industrious people who have land to plant it!
Rightio, I've given you all food for thought!
Enjoy the painting!
PS Only legal to grow and smoke in your own home, so please try to keep the laws as best you can!

'kissing kupels' by raine carosin

Inspired by the Toluna Team asking us to write a story starting with:

"It started with a kiss..."

Kollateral Kormussels

This was inspired by the bomb dropped the other day and about collateral damage...


me doodling 'constructively'...  LOL!

"birdsong 1"

I used this one at my store (http://www.zazzle.com/rainec) to create some fabric and a tote bag.

(Click on 'fabric' and/or 'tote bag' to open a new window to view)

"Krazi Kop"

Video on YouTube:  SEND IN THE CLOWNS 


"i c u c me - the journey" 

31 May 2017

Lady of Leisure

thursday bar

'thursty dream'

I called this one 'snot'...  I know it's not polite, but it was a moody thing...

I called this on 're-union ...

This one I called "heat"

This one is called "eye-light addiction" which was an experiment by me to see if I could capture a bit of light and incorporate the eye iris...

Yup, you guessed it:  a pic called 'cat'...

"Perky Rose"...  there's a mistake there where I coloured some of the rose petals green instead of sticking with the pink and lilac...  I'll fix it soon enough...


'perky rose'

'rest 'o rant'


'bar stool'




evawooshun by raine carosin

it's most odd, but I was inspired to do this while I was watching us people make fools of ourselves on a video series channel called something like 'you wouldn't believe this if it wasn't filmed'.

Well, not all of the clips contained funny bits, so there were some videos where i just laughed and laughed.  

The one which inspired me was of the blowing up of a dam wall.  A controlled set of explosions, and when I saw the wave, I was impressed at how my imagination brought up my fear of being caught up in a wave so big, it wouldn't fit on a canvas, so to speak.  No, I'm lying, well, I'm trying to tell the truth, but it was also at the same time a shot of the wave building up that got me to take action and do a virtual painting.

What a relief it is to not have to do anything strenuous in getting my 'vision' down.  A literal WALL OF WATER collapsing...  It is frightening.

I love that I could make my picture bigger so that I could do the ship in an easier fashion than trying to paint in a miniature fashion.  Anyways, I loved painting this pic and love the colours...  I really like how my ship looks!  At first I painted it facing the wrong way.  Then I remembered something from the movie THE SQUALL or something like that.  Well, I hope you like it, too!

A pic of my Da who passed away in January, 2018...  I called it Da's Music

"Our Nervous Planet, Or Something Like That..."

"Somewhere XXX"

empty bar

bar boy

(sorry it's lopsided, but I'm too tired now to fix it up...  Shall get there some other time...  hopefully...)

decided to right the pic because just now is promised to no one...




I was sitting in the bar and i thought of pets and how they have to be blessed to deal with the sagas and problems of their owners...


I was lying in bed with my tablet and looking at the green shaded light stand's reflection in the mirror opposite me with the blade of light shooting off, as in refractions of light...  and as I moved my eye sight, I could see that there may as well be writing on the beam of refracted light, which had a green-ish rainbow tinge, and it seemed to be scrolling...  of course, it didn't look like a scroll as in the picture I did, but you may get the idea...  kinda like an endless scroll made of light in a beam form... with writing so small!


All that thinking above got me to thinking about a subject of contracts I discussed with a few people, and so I added some more light effect and some golden glitter, because ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD...


Martian Blue Dune

This pic was really exciting as I did it after my first karaoke show (presenting it on my own) and it was such a blast, and quite a few Guys got dancing and it was so exciting!  Really made my first show such a good memory!  The Martian connection came after I'd done the pic when I read the news that they'd found a BLUE DUNE on Mars!  The pics are available on the 'net.  I thought it was incredible that there was this blue splodge that I'd coloured by the thumb!  Incredible!

'bound by bullduzzzt'
Again, after my Saturday night show, I awoke on the Sunday morning, early around 5 am, (with terrible indigestion due to my stomach not being able to absorb mushrooms now!), with the desire to do some pics, so I took out my tablet and did this one, plus the one below.  There was a load of passion in the air at the bar, and I painted this.  I know it looks kinda creepy, but, it's just how I see things sometimes - people who are under the influence of alcohol and letting their hair down just a little too much for comfort.    

The same morning above, I did this one called HEARTHROB...  I was thinking of my weird experience with falling in love with a character in a TV series called JUSTIFIED, which had led me to write a poem, turn it into a song (with serious help from my duo partner overseas - Graeme Robertson (VORTEXIA)), and then publish a small booklet via kindle/amazon where the poetry from the time of falling in love to doing the song is documented.  I know it needs revision, but, it's there for download or to purchase.  Anyways, I guess I just have to make a Tee Shirt now!  Then I've done it all!  It's amazing how long feelings that develop can last for.  Even today, if I look at a pic of the Actor - Timothy Olyphant, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside!


I developed a crush on a young man, which, psychologically is said to be because I miss my Son (whom I gave up for adoption about 33 years ago), and I did this pic to capture how from seeing the one guy, suddenly the World was filled with young Guys like him with the 'flat top' hairstyle...  Complicated, f'sure, but, that's obsession...  Glad I'm over that hurdle...  Think it has a load to do with the inner cougar instincts...  oh, well, as my good friend says:  cougar napping now...


The same night I did the 'flat tops', I did one of myself as all the woman who feel urges in their mid-years (I'm fifty five now), and of course, there's the tears/emotions...  But, as I say, glad I experienced it and am now in the next phase of my life.  Heaven knows what it is, but, it's another new phase...

After parting on friendly terms from my Husband of 12 years, I did a pic and it's called RAINPANE...  Hope you like it!  

As I mentioned, I have relocated from my home of 12 years to new pastures, and there's 2 cats.  This is the unfinished pic of one of them...  I was chatting to him in the semi dark with the other two little doggies in the kitchen last night...  The cat, yes, was impressive...  Hope to complete it soon...  Moving is hectic, but taking at slow as possible and hoping to be done by Jan 2019 xxx  Pic called NIGHTVISION

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Did this


on 27/11/18

A part of me was kinda stifled, but as usual, found a good release through being creative, instead of destructive 


31 Jan 2018

"On The Fly"

Too many thoughts and deeds led to this pic!  Years and years, so I just don't have time to write it all out now


Ah, well, 'tis a sad story to get divorced, but I did, and I'm striving for my independence - financially - not easy!
Anyways, in my mind, going through falling in love with a Hollywood star (all in the mind), plus then meeting a real person who put an uncontrollable fire in my soul, causing me to rethink everything about my life (from birth, through giving up my Son for adoption, falling in love with a man old enough to be my Son, and then going through the 'death' of that fire...)...  
Anyways, there are some other virtual arts that I did before this one, but so rushed for time now, so putting this one OUT THERE for Yous!
It tells the tale of me putting myself even tighter into 'jail' so that I would not make a fool of myself or anyone else...  Well, anyways, I tried very hard!

Carry Beanzzz 

I just had to do this in the wee hours on my Samsung S7 with my Art Rage Studio application

It's just me dreaming a little about a holiday in the Caribbean and all the beautiful bodies!  lol!

If you want to see some of my earlier works, all done by hand in the real world, search me up at SouthAfricanArtists.com